Fashion/Performance Art

After experiencing the pain of falling into the abyss, she wanted to take revenge not only for herself but also for all the women who had been humiliated by these scumbags…



设计师将modern interpretation和dramatic的风格融入进这次的设计里,结合展馆内其他的艺术装置打造出怪诞美的视觉风格。同时,服装对于材料的选择和运用实现了对可持续的考量,Lydia角色的服装是以吉利丁为原材料做成的100% 可降解生物塑料,Host,Joanna,Abigail,Helena的服装来源于二手服装并在原有的基础上进行解构,再重组来贴合角色的设定。 Aileen和Susie的服装部分材料源自于废物的二次利用,在体现人物角色形象的同时也彰显出了一种怪诞又浪漫的视觉效果。

When I started the design process, I first had an in-depth conversation with the scriptwriter about the characters and the plot. I was very interested in the subject matter and researched a lot of stage and costume designs. I was inspired by the costume design styles and techniques of Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gautier, Eiko Ishioka and Colleen Atwood. I decided to incorporate a modern interpretation and dramatic style into this design. We hope to create a grotesque and gorgeous visual by combining the artist Maya’s art installation. I hope my costume design can highlight the image of each character and echo the art installation.

What is worth noting is our choice and use of materials in this design. To achieve sustainable consideration, Lydia’s costume is made of 100% disposable bioplastic made of gelatin.

The host, Joanna, Abigail, and Helena’s costumes are made of second-hand clothes. We deconstructed the original ones and then reconstructed them to fit the character’s setting. Aileen and Susie’s costumes are made of recycled materials, reflecting the characters’ images and at the same time bringing out a quirky and romantic visual effect.

We are all looking forward to the chemistry between the artwork, the concept, and the audience at the official performance. And we thank everyone for their support and encouragement.

Performance Fashion Design Director:

Qinxuan Wu

Design assistants:

Yiyi Wang

Zhixi Li

Jieying Chen

Marvin Ye